Glossary of Social Science Computer and Social Science Data Terms

Selected Terms Used in Social Science Data Archives

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Scope and Contents: This glossary includes terms which you may find useful in managing data collections and providing basic data services. It does not attempt to cover all social science research terms or all computer terms. Because some data libraries will still have to deal with magnetic tape, the glossary includes some terms related to storing data on tape.

Style: The definitions used are meant to be helpful in a data library environment. Terms that are defined in the glossary are highlighted in boldface in the definitions.

Print Sources: To supplement this glossary, you might want to use the Encyclopedia of Computer Science, Fourth Edition, edited by Anthony Ralston, Edwin D. Reilly and David Hemmendinger, which has excellent comprehensive definitions of many computer terms, or the chapter "Information Resources Management: A Glossary of Terms," by Aninyda Bose (p. 92-161 in Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science Volume 41 - Supplement 6, N.Y.: Marcel Dekker. 1986, ed. Allen Kent), which brings together information technology terms from computing, telecommuncations, networking, and related fields.

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