Glossary of Selected Social Science Computing Terms
and Social Science Data Terms

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Statistical Glossaries

Glossary of Terms
(NWP Associates, Inc.)
STATLETS User Manual Copyright, 1997

HyperStat Glossary

Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms
(Howard S. Hoffman, Bryn Mawr College)

ISI Multilingual Statistical Glossary
(International Statistical Institute)

Statistics Glossary
(Valerie J. Easton and John H. McColl)

Statistics Glossary
(StatSoft, Inc.)

SurfStat glossary
(Glossary of Statistical terms) Part of "SurfStat.australia" by Keith Dear, PhD. an online text in introductory Statistics from the University of Newcastle

The UCLA Statistics Textbook
Includes a glossary at

Related Glossaries

Decennial Management Division Glossary
U.S. Census Bureau
Terms used by Census Bureau in the management of the census.

Digital Libraries Initiative 2: Glossary
National Science Foundation

Elwell's Glossary of Sociology
(Stephen Haley)

Getting Started with SAS/GIS Software: Glossary

Ann Green, JoAnn Dionne, and Martin Dennis
From Preserving the Whole: A Two-Track Approach to Rescuing Social Science Data and Metadata Copyright 1999 by the Council on Library and Information Resources.

Glossary: Data Mining

Glossary of Research Economics

Glossary of Research Terms
(from the Reference section of the WorldOpinion site. Offers definitions of survey research terms.)

Glossary of Selected Financial Terms
International Monetary Fund

The ICPSR Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

The InterPARES Glossary
International Research on Permanent Authentic Records
The InterPARES Project is a major international research initiative in which archival scholars, computer engineering scholars, national archival institutions and private industry representatives are collaborating to develop the theoretical and methodological knowledge required for the permanent preservation of authentic records created in electronic systems. The InterPARES Project is based in the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies at the University of British Columbia.

Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences
Athabasca University, Alberta Canada

Has 1000 entries covering the disciplines of sociology, criminology, political science and women's study with a commitment to Canadian examples and events and names This dictionary is an electronic (database) version of a 900+ item dictionary authored by by Gary Parkinson, Ph.D. and Robert Drislane, Ph.D. The electronic version is fully searchable (both terms and definition text).

The Relationship Between Digital and Other Media Conversion Processes: A Structured Glossary of Technical Terms
by M. Stuart Lynn and The Technology Assessment Advisory Committee to the Commission on Preservation and Access, August 1990.
A specialized glossary intended to contribute to a common understanding of how preservation and access needs can be addressed by emerging technologies, in order to take full advantage of appropriate opportunities.

Statistical Terminology
National Science Foundation

Surveys and Questionnaires
Psychology Lab University of Nebraska
(Formerly "Web of Online Dictionaries" by Professor Robert Beard of Bucknell University, now a commercial venture.) This site provides dozens of links to dicitionaries of specific lanugages. Also provides links to Multilingual Dictionaries, Specialized English Dictionaries, Thesauri and Other Vocabulary Aids, Language Identifiers and Guessers, An Index of Dictionary Indices, A Web of On-line Grammars, and A Web of Linguistic Fun. Claims to be "... the most comprehensive and authoritative portal for language & language-related products and services on the web with more than 1800 dictionaries with more than 250 languages."

Multi-Dictionaries Search

OneLook dictionaries
There are a number of good dictionaries on the Internet. However, a person sometimes needs to look at several before finding the word they seek and the definitions in that dictionary may not give them quite what they need so they go on to look for the word in other dictionaries as well. This page is intended to make the above process quick and painless. The purpose is to encourage people to use Internet glossaries and dictionaries.

Lists of Dictionaries and Glossaries

Acronyms and Abbreviations
(The Michigan Electronic Library)

The Dictionaries Page
(Humanities Hub)

Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedia


List of Dictionaries
(University of Paderborn)

Multilingual Internet Glossary

On-line Dictionaries and Glossaries
(Language Automation, Inc.)

Preserving Access to Digital Information
National Library of Australia, Canberra
These glossaries contain terms which are relevant to digital preservation. The National Library of Australia's Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI) initiative aims to provide mechanisms that will help to ensure that information in digital form is managed with appropriate consideration for preservation and future access.

Social Sciences Dictionary Ring

Yahoo Computing Dictionaries Page

Glossaries and Dictionaries of Computing Terms

BABEL Computing Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
(Irving Kind)

C|Net Glossary of Internet terms

Computer, Telephony & Electronics Industry Glossary

Data Extraction, Transformation, and Migration Tools - Glossary
(1996) Richard J. Orli, Kismet Analytic Corp.
To support Data Warehouse, Database Consolidation, and Systems Reengineering Projects

The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
Dennis Howe
FOLDOC is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions, standards, mathematics, telecoms, electronics, institutions, companies, projects, products, history, in fact anything to do with computing. It contains over 12000 definitions totalling more than four megabytes. Entries are cross-referenced to each other and to related resources elsewhere on the net. This dictionary is Copyright 1993 by Denis Howe.

Unicode Inc.
Terms related to character encoding schemes.

Glossary of Internet Terms
(Matisse Enzer)

The Hacker's Jargon File, HTML version
Eric S. Raymond

Hosting Glossary
defines 290 terms related to web hosting.

Internet Users' Glossary
(Network Working Group Request for Comments: 1392 FYI: 18 Category: January 1993 )
This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. There are many networking glossaries in existence. This glossary concentrates on terms which are specific to the Internet. Naturally, there are entries for some basic terms and acronyms because other entries refer to them.

(RAC Productions)
A very nice computer jargon dictionary from this company that specializes in interactive media and video productions. The dictionary is on 36 pages, but you can use the site's search page to search for definitions; (ignore the abstracts in the result of the search and just go to the page).

Kadow's Internet Dictionary
(Kevin Kadow)

The O'Reilly Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms
Mitchell Shnier
This comprehensive dictionary provides complete descriptions of complex terms in two of the most volatile and interesting areas of computer development: personal computers and networks. It contains up-to-date information about everything from a common item like "batteries" to an obscure font technology called "Speedo."

PC Webopaedia
"This site is powered by a team of Italian and Spanish freelance translators. Our objective is to provide several resources for Italian and Spanish Internet users, such as an English to Italian Technical IT Dictionary containing more than 5,000 terms, and a collection of software translated by us into Italian and Spanish."

Telecom Glossary 2000
Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
This document provides Federal departments and agencies a comprehensive source of definitions of 5800 terms used in telecommunications and directly related fields by international and U.S. Government telecommunications specialists. (Also see the list of proposed terms that address Internet / Web technology, photonics technology, and infrastructure protection technology.) Fields defined herein include: antenna types and measurements, codes/coding schemes, computer and data communications (computer graphics vocabulary, file transfer techniques, hardware, software), fiber optics communication, facsimile types and techniques, frequency topics (frequency modulation, interference, spectrum sharing), Internet, ISDN, LANs (MANs, WANs), modems, modulation schemes, multiplexing techniques, networking (network management, architecture/topology), NII, NS/EP, power issues, PCS/UPT/cellular mobile, radio communications, routing schemes, satellite communications, security issues, switching techniques, synchronization/timing techniques, telegraphy, telephony, TV (UHF, VHF, cable TV, HDTV), traffic issues, transmission/propagation concerns (signal loss/attenuation, transmission lines), video technology, and wave propagation/measurement terminology.

The UNIX Reference Desk
(Jennifer Myers)
This document contains references to material culled from a number of different sources on computing in the UNIX environment. The resources in this document are divided into the following classes: General, Texinfo Pages, Applications, Programming, IBM AIX Systems, HP-UX Systems, Unix for PCs, Sun Systems, X Window System, Networking, Security, Humor.

Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
This dictionary is a combination (with permission) of the ASC Glossary, Krippendorff's Dictionary and Hornung's Glossary. The author of any particular definition is mentioned at the end of a section. References to authors that do not have hyperlinks can be found in the references of the ASC Glossary page. The original texts were compiled and converted to hypertext by Francis Heylighen, with the help of An Vranckx. This dictionary is provided as part of the information on Cybernetics and Systems Theory in the Principia Cybernetica Web, which contains additional definitions of some concepts not found herein

"whatis is a knowledge exploration tool about information technology, especially about the Internet and computers. It contains over 2,000 individual encyclopedic definition/topics and a number of quick-reference pages. The topics contain about 12,000 hyperlinked cross-references between definition-topics and to other sites for further information. We try hard to keep it up-to-date."

Wired Webmonkey Glossary
"The Web Developer's Resource"


The Acronym Finder
"Over 154,000 acronyms, abbreviations, initialisms and their definitions. The Acronym Finder is the web's largest database of its kind. Here you'll find definitions for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms about all subjects, including information technology, telecommunications, military, government, and much more."

Glossary of Futures Terminology
Chicago Board of Trade
This glossary was extracted from the Chicago Board of Trade's Commodity Trading Manual, which is produced by the Market Development Department of the exchange.

Logos MultiLingual Dictionary

Memetic Lexicon
Principia Cybernetica Web
The lexicon which follows is intended to provide a language for the analysis of memes, meme-complexes, and the social movements they spawn. The name of the person who first coined and defined each word appears in parentheses, although some definitions have been paraphrased and altered.

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