A Commonplace Book

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About "A Commonplace Book"

This "commonplace book" is a collection of personally chosen quotations. This is not really a "quotations" site like so many on the web. Rather, it is words I save as I read (and watch movies and TV).

I collect here things as I read them. The selections are those I find particularly beautiful or insightful or funny or just plain memorable.

I do not select quotations based on length; there are some quite lengthy quotes here, many of moderate length, and short quotes, too.

Sources: The collection includes a growing number of selections from films (where I try to credit the screenwriter whenever possible); a little poetry and song lyrics; a lot from novels (mostly English language, but some translations); a fair amount of non-fiction, particularly things that relate to information, computing, and communications and related fields. There are some "inspirational quotes" from almost any source if they remind me of something more than the slogan itself. There are a good number of quotes from the Tao te Ching. Ram Das said,

From my Guru, Neem Karoli Baba, I received encouragement to take teachings wherever I could find them and then to trust my intuitive heart to cull the teachings which would be useful from those which were irrelevant or potentially harmful.

There are a fair number of UNIX "fortune cookies" (2, 3) and a moderate selection of Steven Wright (4) quotes; (there are over 100 -- an unnecessarily large number for a collection of this size, but he is funny.).

I have linked some quotes about particular topics (5), but not every quote has an assigned topic.

I give an accurate citation whenever I can.

J. Jacobs