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Search Hints

  • Searches are NOT case-sensive.
  • If you enter one word, it will be searched right-truncated.
  • If you enter more than one word, they will be searched as a phrase with the last word right-truncated.
  • Because of right-truncation, it is often best to truncate longer words; e.g., search for instruct in order to find entries with "instruction" or "instructional"; search for geograph to get entries with "geography" or "geographical." Note, again: single word searches are truncated; in mulitple word (phrase) searches, only the last word in the phrase is truncated.
  • You can search for URLs or partial URLs. For instance, a search on would retrieve all those items that we have indexed that have "" in the URL.
  • When you search you are searching all items in all categories. This is useful since some items appear in more than one category.
  • The categories (data, searchable catalogs, data archives, vendors, social science gateways) are useful when you'd rather browse than search.

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Last modified: Oct 10, 2006