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Census Bureau (US)
Data User Services Division (DUSD)
U.S. Department of Commerce
Washington, DC 20233
(301) 763-2074
The Bureau is responsible for conducting and disseminating the results of the U.S. decennial census as well as other major surveys. DUSD is responsible for a broad program of assistance to census data users including distributing selected census products, providing training, producing statistical compendia, and handling user inquiries. The annual Census Bureau Catalog and Guide lists products released. The ICPSR has signed a joint statistical agreement with the Bureau of the Census to distribute 1990 Census data through the ICPSR. The link above is to the Bureau's home page. Additional starting points include the Subjects A to Z page and the search page.

Centers for Disease Control (US) Search Page
This page allows you to search the CDC and NCHS sites. NCHS is the Federal Government's principal vital and health statistics agency. NCHS data systems include data on vital events as well as information on health status, lifestyle and exposure to unhealthy influences, the onset and diagnosis of illness and disability, and the use of health care. Some of the NCHS data systems and surveys are ongoing annual systems while others are conducted periodically. NCHS has two major types of data systems: systems based on populations, containing data collected through personal interviews or examinations; and systems based on records, containing data collected from vital and medical records. Data include: National Health Interview Survey, National Immunization Survey, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, National Survey of Family Growth, National Health Care Survey , National Employer Health Insurance Survey, National Vital Statistics System, and Mortality Data. Research activies include: Aging, AIDS, Classification of Diseases, Data on America's Children, Evaluation of Certificates, Healthy People 2000, International Activities, Minority Health, National Death Index, Nutrition Monitoring, and Public Health Conference on Records and Statistics. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. NCHS is located in Hyattsville, Maryland, with offices in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and with a CDC-liaison office in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Centre for the Study of Public Policy
The CSPP specializes in comparative public policy research. Since 1991 it has been conducting a unique programme of survey research in 15 post-Communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. Countries covered: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, (East) Germany, Russia, USSR, Belorussia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Topics covered: economic enterprise and privatization; democratization; parties and elections; and social protection & poverty. No data is on-line here but the web-site provides a catalogue of publications, which contain unique statistical data in an analysed form.

Standard & Poor's Compustat Services, Inc.
7400 South Alton Court
Englewood, Colorado 80112
(800) 525-8640
COMPUSTAT consists of a computerized database of financial, statistical, and market information on over 7,100 industrial and nonindustrial companies. Through magnetic tape and timesharing media, COMPUSTAT provides continuously updated Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes, and market items on New York, American, Over-the-Counter, Regional, and Canadian Stock Exchange companies. Annual and quarterly data for 20 years of a company are included.

CPS Utilities (Unicon Research Corporation)
Unicon Research Corporation
1640 Fifth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: 310-393-4636 ext. 1854
Fax: 310-260-4834
Unicon's CPS Utilities provide data, documentation, and extraction software for the Current Population Surveys . Unicon offers a variety of products including Annual Supplements (including all extant January, February, March, June, October, November, Computer Usage, Tobacco Usage, and Outgoing Rotations surveys) containing data from as early as 1962. Unicon also maintains a helpful list of topics of each month's CPS.
CPS on Web is a set of utilities enabling you to access CPS data and documentation from this website. You may make tables and graphs from the January/February, March, June, October, November, Computer Usage, and Outgoing Rotations CPS data, download extractions, make estimations, get summaries and statistical measures, search the documentation, and make your own variables as functions of the existing ones.

Datastream is a private company that offers access to vast amounts of securities, bond, options, futures, corporate, and other economic data for a fee. The link above is to their web site that descibes their services and also offers some "complimentary" data. A very nice User Guide to Datastream is maintained by Princeton University.

UCSD students faculty and staff should contact the library for additional information about local access to the full Datastream product.

The Dismal Scientist
As of November 28, 2001, The Dismal Scientist became a paid subscription site. Professors who wish to use The Dismal Scientist as part of their curriculum and working journalists from accredited news organizations may sign up for use at no charge. Another service by the same, Free Lunch, provides FREE access to over 1,000,000 economic and financial data series.

Economagic: Economic Time Series Page (Economagic, LLP)
The site is a comprehensive collection of freely available economic data on the web. Includes a database of over 100,000 economic time series all in the same text format. Data are updated by robots the day the sources are updated. This page is meant to be a comprehensive site of free, easily available economic time series data useful for economic research, in particular economic forecasting. This site (set of web pages) was started in 1996 to help students in an Applied Forecasting class. The idea was to give students easy access to large amounts of data, and to be able to quickly get charts of that data. At this time, there are more than 100,000 time series for which data and custom charts can be retrieved. Vast number of economic time series, easily modified charts, all series available as Excel files. The majority of the data is USA data. The core data sets involve US macroeconomic data. The bulk of the data are employment data by local area -- state, county, MSA, and many cities and towns.
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Federal Computer Products Center (U.S. National Technical Information Center)
The Federal Computer Product Center was established at NTIS to provide access to information in electronic formats. The current inventory of computer products includes more than 1,200 titles since 1990. These include datafiles and software on diskette, CD-ROM, and magnetic tape. Most of the Center's products are developed or sponsored by the federal government. However, NTIS does announce products developed by state governments and in a few cases by private sector organizations and distributed by NTIS.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Publications Services
700 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20431
(202) 623-7900
IMF makes available on various electronic media several data sets: Direction of Trade Statistics, Balance of Payments Statistics, Government Finance Statistics, and International Financial Statistics. Data are time series compiled by IMF and generally correspond to their print counterparts. They have recently developed a CD-ROM product for their International Financial Statistics. Information about these titles and other publications is available from the IMF Publications page.

iPoll (Roper Center)
Subscription service. "iPOLL is the most comprehensive, up-to-date source for US nationwide public opinion available today. A full-text retrieval system, iPOLL is organized at the question-level providing the tools to sift through 350,000 questions asked on national public opinion surveys since 1935. iPOLL contains survey results from academic, commercial and media survey organizations such as ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, The Gallup Organization, Los Angeles Times, National Opinion Research Center, NBC News, New York Times, Princeton Survey Research Associates, the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, USA Today and The Washington Post, among others." A Catalog of holdings at the Roper Center is also searchable.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (ICPSR)
The National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) was established in 1978 under the auspices of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), U.S. Department of Justice. NACJD currently holds over 500 data collections relating to crime and criminal justice. This website provides browsing and downloading access to most of this data and documentation. You can search or browse holdings. Some publications based on the data here are available directly from the Bureau of Justice Statisics

The Roper Center (University of Connecticut)
P.O. Box 440
Storrs, CT 06268-0440
(860) 486-4440
Founded in 1946, the Roper Center is the largest archive for public opinion data containing over 11,000 separate studies conducted by leading survey organizations in over 75 countries. In the U.S., the Center receives most of the commercially available data collected by the major survey research firms and the media including ABC News and ABC News/Washington Post, Gallup Organization, General Electric Quarterly Surveys, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, National Opinion Research Center, and Yankelovich. Foreign holdings include surveys conducted by Brule Ville Associates in France, Social Surveys Limited in Great Britain, the Canadian Institute of Public Opinion, and holdings of the Latin American Survey Data Bank. The Center services include providing machine-readable data sets, data set analysis, customized searches, and access to POLL, an online database of the Center's holdings, which includes survey questions and responses.

Social Security History, Reports and Studies (U.S. Social Security Administration)
A wide variety of reports on Social Security, including: Reports of the Committee on Economic Security; Unpublished Report on Health Insurance of the CES; Report of the 1935 House Ways & Means Hearings; The National Commission on Social Security (1981); Greenspan Commission Report ; Report of the Boskin Commission on the CPI; CRS Report: Major Decisions in the House and Senate Chambers on Social Security: 1935-1985; CRS REPORT: Summary of Major Changes in the Social Security Cash Benefits Program.

SRM Documentation Centre (Netherlands)
Centre for the documentation of literature on social science research methodology, statistics, and computer software. This website includes links to Internet sources on social research methodology such as research centres, discussion lists and meetings. Start on the Index Page and choose any of the "search screen" links to particular databases. Databases available include: Biomedical, Catalogue, Environment, NHDA, paroolscripties, social sciences, Steinmetz Archive, SWL, social science literature, BNTL Dutch Language and Literature, social sciences bibliographic, BIOREP European Biotechnology Research Projects, DRIS Directory of Research Information Systems, electronic biomedical journals, NIPO opinion poll data, NIPO opinion poll questions and answer counts, NIWI publications, NOD research information, and Youth Research Information System.

SRM also distributes a CD-ROM (the SRM-Database described below) that covers the primary and secondary bibliographic information indexed on publication/title/review.

"Since 1970, SRM (Social Research Methodology)-Documentation Centre has been building a unique database of references to literature on social and behavioural research methodology, statistical analysis, and computer software. The SRM-Database is of interest to social scientists, methodologists, and students from various social and behavioural disciplines. About 100 international social scientific periodicals, as well as readers, research reports, congress proceedings, monographs, and books are screened cover to cover. Registration is limited to the English, French, German and Dutch literature. Abstracts are written by scientific information specialists for all publications where adequate information is available, and are indexed with the help of the SRM-Thesaurus. An international Editorial Board of well-known methodologists and scholars stimulates the introduction and use of the SRM-Database on CD-ROM, distributed by Sage Publications, Inc."

STAT-USA (U.S. Department of Commerce)
WWW fee-based version of STAT-USA The Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration's fee-based access to the National Trade Data Bank (NTDB), the National Economic, Social and Environmental Data Bank (NESE-DB), the Economic Bulletin Board, and Bureau of Economic Analysis Economic Information.

UCSD Users Note: you should be able to connect to Stat-USA freely while using your ucsd computer account. If you are refused access or if Stat-USA asks for a user name and password, please let the government documents deptartment in the Geisel Library know about this.

Statistics Canada
Electronic Data Dissemination
R. H. Coats Building
Ottawa, Ontario K1A OT6
(613) 951-1122 or: (800) 267-6677
Statistics Canada is the country's national statistical agency, with programs organized into three broad subject matter areas: demographic and social, socio-economic and economic. The "StatsCan" site provides short "Canada at a Glance" tables of data on topics such as demography, health, justice, education, and more. It also provides a very detailed catalog of holdings and data available, charts showing recent data releases (e.g., newest consumer price index) and an archive of press releases. A very well designed site! Among other projects are CANSIM, a Time Series Database; the Canadian General Social Survey; and Canadian Social Trends, a journal which makes social statistical reporting easily accessible to readers.

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
U.S. Department of Commerce
1401 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20230
(202) 523-0777
BEA measures and analyzes U.S. economic activity. Its electronic products include computer tapes, diskettes, CD-ROMs, and the Economic Bulletin Board. Its Catalog of Products includes ordering information for all BEA products.

U.S. National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
National Technical Information Service
Technology Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce
Springfield, VA 22161
NTIS is the official resource for government-sponsored U.S. and worldwide scientific, technical, engineering, and business-related information. The NTIS Collection of more than 2.7 million titles includes information in the areas of business and management studies, international marketing reports, materials and chemical science data, technology innovations, and training tools. Information is available in various formats including printed reports, CD-ROMs, computer tapes and diskettes, online, audiocassettes, and videocassettes. NTIS acquires information from more than 200 U.S. government agencies, numerous international government departments and other international organizations including those from Canada, Japan, the former Soviet Union, and Western and former Eastern European countries.

United Nations Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (United Nations Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis, Statistics Division)
The purpose of this publication is to present current monthly economic statistics for most of the countries and areas of the world. In addition, each month a different selection of special tables is presented showing annual and/or quarterly data on a variety of subjects illustrating important economic long-term trends and developments. Many of these special tables are also reproduced in the United Nations Statistical Yearbook. It is, however, considered useful to publish these data in the Bulletin as soon as they become available so that readers may have immediate access to the most current international statistical information. Data available includes: Unemployment, Consumer price index, Industrial production index, Crude petroleum production, Petroleum products (quarterly), Coal production, Natural gas production, Electricity production, Construction of new buildings (quarterly), Interest rates, Government bonds--yields of long term bonds, Discount rates of central banks, Money market rates, imports and exports, Exchange rates, Retail price indexes , Civil aviation traffic, and Population. MBS Online is a subscription-based statistics retrieval service. This service is free of charge during the initial trial period but you must register to use it.

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